Chairman Message


The outbreak of Covid-19 which began in January disrupted our operation from the latter part of January to end February. Currently while our factories have resumed work, the pandemic disease continues to post substantial threat to the health of our employees and to their families due to its intensely infectious nature. The Group has been sparing no efforts to prevent the spread of the disease in our workplaces. Necessary precautionary measures have been instituted, such as temperature check and hand washing before entry of workplaces and our transportation bus, requirement to wear face masks, safety distancing in production floors and offices area, mandatory hand washing in canteens, distance queuing, continuous cleaning of public areas, etc. We educate our employees to observe social distancing outside workplaces as well. We also ask our employees to refrain from travelling abroad and to stay at home after work. In addition, the Group has established a 14-day quarantine policy based on health declaration of employees and for employees returning from places highly exposed to the disease.


Recently, the Group donated some masks to the community and iPads to a local hospital to allow patients in seclusion to have video conferencing with their families. We have set up a production line to produce face masks, and the output will be planned for the use of our workers and donation as well as other purpose.


As the outbreak has widened globally, we are continuing to closely monitor the impact on the supply chain and logistics disruption, and will make immediate response and feedback to our customers and partners.


It is still uncertain as to when the outbreak will last. The Group will take all necessary measures to prevent any infected case. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to sincerely thank many of our staff that has worked very diligently and courageously to resume the operation after the outspread of the coronavirus. We are also very grateful for the understanding of our customers.



Ben Wong

Chairman and CEO

Wong's International Holdings Limited



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