Wong's International Holdings Limited (WIHL) is mindful of its corporate social responsibility and regularly participates in activities in community services. For a number of years, WIHL together with its major shareholders, the Wong’s Family, supported the philanthropical visits of Operation Smile China to a number of cities in China to operate on children with congenital hare lips and cleft palates respectively.
In addition, WIHL have donated fund for the establishment of a number of primary schools in China as well as a primary school and a secondary school in Hong Kong. WIHL also encourages its employees to participate in charitable or community activities such as charity walks, visits to the aged and the rendering of domestic helping services.  
10/2023 We are now applying iPaint to the roof of a production building of our factory in Shajing, Shenzhen. iPaint is an energy-saving product developed by a local university, which comprises an electricity-free cooling coating to be painted on the roof or external wall for the cooling of the room. Our initial trial run indicates that the employment of the product has the effect of reducing room temperature by 5-6% and electricity usage should be reduced as a result.

24/09/2023 WIHL participated in Yan Chai Charity Walk 2023, a fundraising activity for community services.

23/04/2023 WIHL made a donation to Lingnan University for “Lee and Man Paper Lingnan Walkathon 2023” which is to raise funds for “LU Entrepreneurship Fund”. The Fund supports students and young alumni for their ESG-focused start-up projects in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

09/03/2023 In the beginning of the Spring, our Shenzhen factory organised a Tree Planting Day with the great support from our staff. We understand that it is important to plant trees to absorb and capture carbon for our natural environment. We have worked together for our carbon neutrality.

10/01/2023 To celebrate the Chinese New Year, WIHL delivered festive gift to the elderly in the SAGE Mrs. Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Home and Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Wong Yee Jar Jat Day Care Centre for warmth and care.

19/11/2022 Our Group participated in “Yan Chai x ISCM Charity Walk” which aims at raising funds for Yan Chai Child Development Services of Yan Chai Hospital.

28/10/2022 Our Group joined “Dress Casual Day 2022, the Community Chest of Hong Kong” for a donation.

11/09/2022 Our Group donated mooncakes to SAGE Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Home for the Elderly to share the festive joy with them.

20/05/2022 Our Group has made a donation to a fund established for the purpose of rendering humanitarian assistance to people in Ukraine through providing them with vital equipment, clothing and monetary aids.
11/03/2022 For factory greening and carbon neutrality, our Shenzhen factory held the Tree Planting Day with great support from the staff.

25/01/2022 WIHL donates blankets to SAGE Mrs. Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Home & Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Wong Yee Jar Jat Day Care Centre for the elderly to celebrete Chinese New Year.

25/01/2022 In response to the initiative to reduce carbon emissions, our Suzhou factory planted 38 trees in December 2021, which greatly increased the green area by 73%. We currently have planted a total of 90 trees in the factory.

For our Shenzhen factory, we have planted 292 trees since 2002. More than 65% of them have grown with us for 15 years at least. Our trees not only beautify the environment, but also help us to achieve carbon neutrality. We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

15/09/2021 WIHL donates mooncakes to SAGE Mrs. Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Home for the elderly for a very blessed Mid-Autumn Festival. 

03/06/2021 In order to nurture students’ creativity, confidence and entrepreneurial leadership, WIHL made a donation to “Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative” of Lingnan University to support transparent mask research and to develop participatory opportunities of entrepreneurial experience. The transparent mask makes lip-reading possible to promote Barrier-Free Communication for the Hearing-Impaired. 
Lingnan University & The HK Society for the Deaf - Transparent Mask


11/02/2021 WIHL action to support a good cause and donate a Chinese New Year care package to the Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Wong Yee Jar Jat Day Care Centre and SAGE Mrs. Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Care & Attention Home For the Elderly to keep them warm and safe.
Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Wong Yee Jar Jat Day Care Centre

SAGE Mrs. Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Care & Attention Home For the Elderly

16/04/2020 Since the hospital has temporarily suspended visits until further notice. It has driven the patients at hospitals stay further apart from their families without communications, where they are being treated fear or might be more at risk because of invisible infection unwittingly may bring them. Therefore, WIHL to make up for a deficiency and donated some tablets to the local hospital for helping the patients especially for those who without smart phone to communicate with their families amid the (Covid-19) pandemic.
Hong Kong East Cluster
Our group received a thank you letter from 'Hong Kong East Cluster'regarding to the donation of tablets.

24/02/2020 WIHL give away medical grade masks among the Social Welfare Institutions, Elderly Centre and School via 'Give2Asia Foundation Limited' amid the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19).  
Yan Chai Hospital
WIHL received a thank you letter from "Yan Chai Hospital" regarding to the donatinon of face masks for preventing the spread of the novel conronavirus.  


Barefoot Doctors Limited (赤腳仁心)

Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School


SAGE Mrs. Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Home for the Elderly

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