To be a multi-national corporation with world-class standards serving global strategic business partners.
To be an advanced technology leader and service provider to contribute to our humanity, society, customers, shareholders and employees.


To continuously enhance our competitiveness in the global business environment.
To make relentless commitment to excellence.
To foster a culture of innovation and creativity.
To develop advanced intellectual properties.
To develop intelligent and knowledge based employees.
To promote a culture of environment consciousness.
To be a caring company with corporate social responsibility.


ETHICS We insist on the highest standards of personal and professional conduct to gain our clients’ and colleagues’ trust.
CUSTOMER PASSION We focus on creating and maintaining a customer-centric experience that builds brand loyalty, meets our customers’ life-long needs and strengthens partnership with our suppliers. We understand that a unique customer experience is key to our competitive advantage and profitability.
RESPECT We do our best work when we value one another as individuals, encourage diversity in our workplace and in our ideas, and recognize that work is but one part of full and rewarding life. Respect for experience, for lives and treat every person with dignity, politeness and kindness is vital.
TEAMWORK We make a greater contribution when we work together than when we work alone.
OPENNESS We strive to communicate openly and candidly with one another and to share information and technology know-how that enable us to achieve our objectives for Wong’s.
MANAGING FOR RESULTS We always manage for results through a customer-centric, results-oriented strategic planning and performance measurement approach by setting clear objectives, targets and consultation with customers.
COMPETENCE Our dedication to competence requires not only life-long learning, but also continual assessment of our ability to appropriately and effectively address the needs of those whom we serve. Life-long learning is also imperative as it helps us to maintain professionalism and thrive in the future.
COMMITMENT TO SUCCESS We help and develop all of our people to realize that their full potential is critical to our success.
MERIT We believe in a meritocracy where the best people and ideas are recognized and rewarded.
EXCELLENCE Continuous improvement in the quality of our work provides the highest value to our clients and shareholders and the greatest satisfaction to our people.
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